Competitive Comparison

Competitive Comparison

Why use Northridge Telecom?


Keeping costs low without compromising quality is important to every business. Our cloud based platform provides outstanding call quality, while providing excellent savings. Unlike traditional PBX's, you do not have to purchase the hardware itself. Your only cost would be an IP based (SIP) phone, should you want to utilize the advanced call features we offer.

  • No hardware cost
  • No setup or activation fee
  • Absolutely no contracts


All features are included, at no additional cost.


Unlike traditional PBX implementations, our system can expand with a click of a button. Need to add new users? No problem, simply navigate to our web based interface and enjoy easy system expansion.

Typical comparison to a traditional on-site PBX (based upon 10 users/extensions)

Initial Cost

Our system cost Traditional PBX
Phone System Hardware $0 $4,000
Setup Fee $0 $1,000
Contract NO Typically 3 Years (auto-renew)
Total Price $0 $5,000

Monthly Fee

Our system cost Traditional PBX
User / Line Charge $299 $720
Local Usage $0 $100
Long Distance Usage $0 $200
Total Monthly Fee $299 $1020

In this scenario, Northridge Telecom would save you $48,260 over only 5 years!