How Does It Work?

How Does it Work?

Getting Started

Northridge Telecom uses an advanced cloud based VoIP service, which allows you to make and receive phone calls anywhere. You simply plug an IP phone (internet phone) into your modem/router, and you can begin enjoying clear and reliable phone service. Our virtual PBX service gives you instant access to toll free numbers, internet fax, phone extensions and many calling features. Unlike traditional on-premise phone systems, our cloud based platform does not require investment in expensive hardware and software. We provide flexible hassle-free solutions with no contracts or upfront pricing.

  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Regular Telephone Handset (if using VoIP adapter)
  • SIP/IP Handset (You can purchase these from Northridge Telecom)

Easy Web Interface

You can manage your entire phone system from our secure, easy to use web interface. Making changes to your phone system has never been easier. You can create departments, such as billing, sales and support. Each department having their own greetings and configurations. Your virtual PBX comes standard with an Auto-Receptionist, which will provide greetings, forward calls and much more. Changes can be made quickly and hassle free, without requiring any extensive technical knowledge. We will provide a smooth, seamless transition and help with the initial setup and configuration.

Predictable Billing

Our billing system is easy to navigate and understand. Your monthly service is prepaid, and any international overages are postpaid. Within the control panel you can view invoices, order new services, cancel services, update billing information and create support tickets.